Kartik G. Krishnan, MD, PhD

After completing school, Kartik started his medical studies in Madras, South-India. He later travelled on a scholarship to Moscow, Russia, where he received his basic medical degree from the Russian State Medical University. He underwent specialty training in plastic and reconstructive microsurgery in Moscow, followed by fellowships in Durban, Southafrica, Los Angeles, USA and Munich, Germany.

Krishnan completed his PhD thesis in plastic surgery with a treatise on the topic: “Microcirculation and perfusion architechture of venous flaps”.

He later trained in surgical neurology in Munich and Dresden Germany with fellowships in Utrecht, the Netherlands, New Orleans, USA and London, UK.

His second, postdoctoral thesis was in neurosurgery with the topic “Modification und Optimization of clinical and experimental surgery of the brachial plexus and peripheral nerves”.

The focus of Krishnan’s clinical and research interests is the subspecialty of reconstructive neurosurgery. With an expereince of over two decades of active clinical practice, Krishnan has developed special insights and expertise in the reconstruction of structure and function in neuronal injury of any origin, sothat he attracts referrals internationally.

Kartik lives and works out of Frankfurt, Germany. He is head of the division of reconstructive neurosurgery at the Justus Liebig University, Giessen, Germany.

Krishnan’s busy clinical practice includes cranial, spine and peripheral neurosurgery with special Krishnan-ENdoscopefocus on neurooncology, neurotruama, skullbase & cerebrovascular reconstructive surgery, and complex peripheral nerve reconstruction, including functional reanimation in long standing palsies of the extremities and face (facial reanimation surgery).

Together with Karl Strorz Company, Tuttlingen the Krishnan technique for endoscopic surgery of peripheral nerves was developed.

His research interests are in peripheral nerve disorders, facial nerve palsy and brain machine interface. He publishes the results of his research work regularly in peer reviewed journals (3-4 original articles per year). Kartik serves on a few European, American and international committees for neurosciences.


The monograph on flap raising techniques serves as the theoretical basis and text book for several training programmes in plastic surgery internationally as well as a manual for cadaver dissection courses on flap surgery. This book was translated in full into the Chinese language and is also used widely in the Chinese speaking world.

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By providing understandable information in this website, we hope to increase awareness for nerve problems and their treatment among the general public as well as those suffering.

Students, trainees, colleagues, patients or anybody having a keen interest in nerves can reach Kartik directly via this website.

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